Online Fruit (AWP) Slots

Royal Vegas Online Casino not only specializes in bringing you the very best in online video slots action, but also lines the board with some of the classic, time-honoured varieties, like classic fruit slots. These games embody the origins of the much-loved slot game, emulating the exact manner of play that you might experience in a land-based casino.

Fruitful Gaming Guaranteed

Fruit slots have successfully made the transition from their land-based origins as the ‘one-armed bandit’, giving you the chance to experience this classic game in a modern environment. Powered by the Microgaming software platform, each fruit slot available at Royal Vegas Online Casino employs superior graphics and ambient sounds to recreate the atmosphere of the physical, brick-and-mortar casino experience.

Simple, enjoyable and rewarding!

The classic slots, such as fruit and reel slots, offer one of the simplest ways to enjoy entertaining online gaming and rewards. Online fruit slots require practically no strategic playing and planning, are very easy to master and use through the handy software interface. More advanced features, such as ‘Auto Play’, are also available, letting players spin through the reels without having to place a bet every single round.

Choose the way to play your fruit slots

Once you have registered an account, your favourite fruit slots will be ready to play at any time!

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